You Asked, We Delivered: Introducing the New Neurio Installer App

By September 20, 2018Product

When it comes to installing the Neurio Home Energy Meter, we want the process to be seamless – for you and your customers.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the release of the new Neurio Installer App built specifically to improve and accelerate the installation process and reduce any install pain points.

The Neurio Installer App enables you to set up your own Installer Account and view live data from the meter – on site – without having to set up a User Account or access the homeowner’s WiFi.

To ensure installs go smoothly, the app provides fault messages if something isn’t connected correctly, as well as guided troubleshooting assistance to get you back on track. And for those times you need a little extra help, the app allows you to take photos of the install and link them to the meter location so that they’re accessible by Neurio Tech Support.

With an Installer Account comes greater control. Each time you install a new Neurio meter it will automatically be added to your account. Log in to the app at any time to see a complete list of your installations as well as a status indicator to show if the User Account has been set up or if WiFi is connected.

For installers that want a little more functionality and have at least 10 Neurio Home Energy Meters in their network, you can unlock Pro features such at Co-Branding and the Referral Tool, as well as select any meter location and view that customer’s live and historical energy data.

We’ve made things easier for homeowners too – giving them the ability to log in to the Installer app with their User Account and add or update their WiFi information whenever they need to.

Smart meters need smart installers. The Neurio Installer App is just the latest example of improvements we are continually making to our products to help make your job easier and your customers happier. Take a look at the product video and let us know what you think!


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