Neurio Releases a Disruptive Universal Current Transformer That Increases the Speed and Safety of Meter Installations

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Neurio’s new patent pending Universal Current Transformer (CT) solves the toughest meter installation challenges across North American, European and Australian residential panels.

June 20, 2018, Vancouver, CanadaNeurio, a leader in residential energy management, unveiled an innovative advancement to Current Transformer (CT) technology that significantly increases the success rate of installing Neurio meters in electrical panels. Neurio’s new Universal CT is the first of its kind making it easy for installers to quickly and safely install meters in all North American, European and Australian panels. With Neurio’s innovative Universal CT design, the award-winning technology company is leading the way by increasing the number of homes that can achieve household energy management.

The New CT Solves Meter Installation Challenges – CTs were originally designed for large commercial applications and until now, their design has remained largely unchanged. Neurio is one of the first companies to develop new CT technology specifically for challenging residential panels. The Universal CT’s unique design gives installers the ability to safely install CTs around main power lines in all panel configurations including uninsulated live busbars, four-wire configurations, extreme low wire clearance panels and much more. A demonstration of how easy installations are can be viewed below.

The Universal CT is Faster & Safer for Installers Chris Hennig, Technical Product Manager at Neurio shares, “We designed the Universal CT to give Installers and Electricians a faster and safer way to get Neurio meters installed in every panel.” He continues, “Installers can now install our meters into more homes making it easy to educate customers on energy usage. This means that more people can use leading technology to optimize the flow of energy within their homes.”

Neurio’s Universal CT is certified to meet North American standards and is intended for use with the W1-HEM Neurio Home Energy Monitor. Certifications are pending for Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. The CT features measurement accuracy within 1% and is rated up to 200 Amps.

The new Universal CT will begin shipping in February, 2019.

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