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Neurio’s new Home Energy Controller and Storage Optimization Analytics helps solar installers maximize their customers’ solar investments and reduce payback period on batteries by up to 30%

June 27, 2017, Vancouver, Canada—Neurio, a leader in residential energy management, announced the addition of two new products to its Home Energy Management platform: Neurio Home Energy Controller and Neurio Storage Optimization Analytics. With Neurio’s new Home Energy Controller (HEC) and Storage Optimization Analytics, solar installers now have the tools they need to help homeowners to intelligently manage and control their solar inverters and batteries to avoid grid power during peak hours and curb demand charges, resulting in significant savings on the homeowner’s electricity bill each month.

“An increase in power outages, unpredictable weather and peak energy use charges have resulted in a marked uptick in solar power plus energy storage sales for solar installers,” said Chris Hennig, Technical Product Manager at Neurio. “However, with storage solutions still out of the price range of most homeowners, installers are continually looking for ways to help their customers maximize their solar investments and gain additional savings. With our new storage controller and analytics, installers can help reduce homeowner’s electricity bills by up to 60% each month by determining the most effective charge and discharge cycles. This results in significant annual savings for homeowners and makes storage extremely affordable for anyone on Time-of-Use or with Demand Charges. ”

Developed for solar installers, Neurio’s Storage Optimization Analytics uses predictive energy forecasting to determine the most effective charge and discharge cycles for residential batteries–ensuring the homeowner maximizes their savings each day. The forecasting leverages data from Neurio’s Appliance Monitoring Analytics and real-time usage and generation data, along with weather and utility information, to build daily load forecast models for a home, which are used to predict the consumption that will occur during the peak pricing period. These models are updated in real-time and then used to decide whether to charge the battery from the grid during the super off-peak period in regions with TOU pricing or Demand Charges.

Neurio Storage Optimization Analytics delivers the following features and benefits:

  • Advanced Time-of-Use (TOU) arbitrage: Neurio considers all aspects of a TOU bill when managing the battery, including Zero Export restrictions, Non-Bypassable Charges (NBCs), feed-in-tariffs (FITs), and minimum daily charges.
  • Minimize peak Demand Charges: Neurio forecasts peak demand and ensures the battery is sufficiently charged to handle it. Neurio then sets the discharge rate to ensure the battery lasts for the full duration of the peak event, with adjustments based on real-time load disaggregation.


Neurio Home Energy Controller: helping solar installers intelligently communicate with and manage solar and storage systems in a home

The Neurio Home Energy Controller (HEC) acts as the central hub for the monitoring and control of the home’s energy, linking solar and storage devices, as well as the Neurio Energy Monitor, through one system. The HEC connects to the inverters and storage devices of leading manufacturers, allowing for real-time monitoring and control. Easily installed inside a home or outside next to the inverter and panel, the HEC takes seconds to install and allows for plug and play connection to devices.

Neurio Storage Optimization Analytics and Home Energy Controller will be available in late 2017.

About Neurio

Neurio is a leading residential energy management company that helps homeowners reduce energy costs through smarter energy decisions. From industry leading energy monitoring and control technology to sophisticated analytics that provide granular energy information, we are changing how energy is used and managed in a home. With over 120,000 homes using Neurio, homeowners and businesses are quickly realizing the power of what Neurio can offer.

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