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When a customer signs up for a solar energy system, it can take up to three to six months before their panels are actually installed and working. And it’s during this lag that all of your hard selling work has a real potential to go down the drain as upwards of 35-50% of customers have been found to cancel orders during this crucial time. This significant rate of attrition bumps up the overall cost of customer acquisition tremendously.

While there are varying reasons for this gap, most of the problem lies in the lengthy local government permitting and regulatory processes. Since permitting and local regulation are well outside the control of solar installers, you need to come up with ways to keep customers happy and engaged during the lag.

Forestall Buyer’s Remorse with an Energy Monitor
So how do you keep your customers from getting a case of buyer’s remorse? Tap into their money-saving mindset before their system is up and running. It’s no secret that the #1 reason consumers want to install solar is to save money. So what better way to engage your customer between sell and install than to give them a way to monitor their current energy usage?

And that’s where smart energy monitoring technology comes in. A smart energy monitoring system takes only a few minutes to install, so is not a huge cost outlay for a solar panel company. And it represents a stake in the ground, reducing people’s inclination to opt out while they have time to experience buyer’s remorse. Quite the reverse actually, giving customers a home energy monitor could get them fired up about energy savings before their solar system is up and running—and give them a way to measure that savings when they ultimately do get their system installed. These customers may even become ambassadors for your panels, referring them to friends in the future.

A small upfront investment can help forestall attrition. And that’s worth a whole lot down the road.

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