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We’d like to introduce you to the newest team member to join our data science team: Lara Thompson.

Lara, please tell us a little about yourself:

“Today, I was lured away from academia to join the data science team at Neurio. I’m excited to see how Neurio is empowering people with data about their homes. As a scientist, I’m eager to study the patterns and signals in that data to make it even more meaningful.

Prior to now, I was working in neuroscience where I studied the signals in the small, developing brains of tadpoles. From the myriad synapses in a neuron, we studied how these basic units of computation enable the brain to communicate and develop.

My PhD is in theoretical condensed matter physics from UBC: in it, I derived the fundamental equations that govern the motion of a quantum vortex (ending a thirty year debate!). As a postdoc at MIT, I studied the strange properties of a possible exotic new phase of matter, the quantum spin liquid.

Yet, as much as I enjoyed Boston, I truly missed the West coast. As a trad climber, Squamish rock called; as a backcountry skier and mountaineer, the Coast Mountains waited for me to return. Vancouver is a beautiful city in its own right but as a base to the outdoors, it’s ideal.”

Brain signals in tadpoles – crazy! Makes disaggregation look easy. Welcome to the team Lara.

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