Redefine customer engagement

Empower your customers with real-time knowledge and insights

It's no secret, a highly engaged customer, is a happy customer. Neurio's proven engagement will ensure your customers are happy and want to tell the world about you.

Real-time insights

Neurio's mobile and web apps provide customers with instantaneous views into their homes solar performance and energy usage, by appliance.

Tailored savings

Neurio provides homeowners with specific energy savings opportunities for their home so they can reduce their energy costs.

Bring energy knowledge

to your customers hands

Adding Solar to your home is a big decision. With Neurio’s rich data analysis and Solar insights your customers will be delighted to see their system running at peak form. Frequently overhead at dinner parties & backyard BBQs “Look at my Solar performance on Neurio. Going Solar was one of my best decisions ever!”

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Embedded referral


Delighted customers love to tell their friends and family about Solar. Now your company can benefit from Neurio’s referral engine to seamlessly empower customers to spread the Solar movement.

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Bring your company brand front and center within the Neurio app. Link to your own engagement portal or add a quick reference to your companies support team.

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