Improve energy efficiency

Your customers are homeowners. Helping them save energy, saves them money.

Knowledge is power

Putting energy information into the hands of homeowners empowers them to make great decisions, which improves energy efficiency and saves money.

Better Demand Response

The data that Neurio provides, such as appliance usage information, can be integrated into existing or new Demand Response programs. 

Support homeowners changing needs

Upgrading to Solar + Storage , purchasing an EV, or putting a suite in the house? Neurio’s expandable monitoring solution is ready for all of your customer needs.

Where is the money going?

Homeowners spend thousands of dollars on electricity every year. Neurio's appliance level breakdown provides actionable insights into where the money is going, allowing them to find savings and reduce their bills.

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Flexbile data access for local & system level demand response

Planning energy use is important at home, mirco, and macro grid levels.

Neurio supports data access locally at the meter, through our API, or via CSV export; empowering Demand Reponse planning and large scale integration.

Fleet level data is also available through the Neurio Admin portal, allowing you to view the health of your installs and provide pro-active response.

Agile to the changing needs of homeowners

Homes are being upgraded with Solar, Storage, HVAC improvements and Electric Vehicles. Neurio flexible monitoring system supports dedicated sub-metering capabiltiy to target an EV or Sub-Panel leading to a suite.