Improve the ROI of residential storage

Neurio's combined hardware and intelligent storage analytics reduce the payback period on batteries by up to 30%.

With Neurio's new Home Energy Controller and Storage Optimization Analytics, you can intelligently manage and control solar inverters and batteries to enhance the ROI for residential storage systems, cutting the payback period by up to 30%.

Smart energy optimization

Our smart storage controller and software maximizes the value of on-site generation, avoids grid power during peak hours, and intelligently curbs demand charges.

Learns and adapts

Neurio learns a homeowner’s energy patterns, adapts to changes from utilities and manages the charge and discharge of the storage system accordingly.

Inverter & storage agnostic

Our storage hardware and software collects data from and controls any solar or storage inverter with an open interface.

Powerful storage analytics for advanced rate arbitrage

By leveraging the insights from our Appliance Monitoring Analytics and real-time generation data, along with weather and utility info, Neurio’s Storage Optimization Analytics determines the most effective charge and discharge cycles for residential batteries, ensuring the homeowner maximizes their savings each day.

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Cost effective, flexible solution for managing solar and storage systems

The Neurio Home Energy Controller acts as the central hub for the monitoring and control of the home’s energy, linking solar and storage devices, as well the Neurio Energy Monitor, through one system for seamless management and interoperability.

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Real-time, granular energy data

The granular generation and usage energy data from the Neurio Energy Monitor is crucial to managing residential storage systems. With it’s custom designed current transforms and low profile meter, the Neurio Energy Monitor can integrate seamlessly with any existing panel.

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