Improve customer support

Neurio gives your customers an instant glimpse of their energy generated from solar, their net energy usage, and the savings that resulted over the last day, week, month or year.

Reduce Support Calls

With the knowledge of the precise energy usage in their households, customers won’t need to cal you to explain their bills to them.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

You’re customer will love seeing their savings and get excited when they see they are succeeding their goals in reducing their energy usage.

Improve ROI

Neurio gives your customers the tools to find additional energy savings around their home, making the payback of their new system even greater.

Be proactive

With Neurio's fleet view, you can see all of your customers' systems under one easy to use dashboard. It's a great way to address any issues with a customer's solar performance even before they know about them.

Customer Story:

How SED uses Neurio to unplug customer bill confusion

Many people who decide to go with solar power can find it intimidating. With Neurio, it’s easy for consumers to discover how they can save money each month, and even be surprised at what they find. They know what to expect before their energy bills arrive, making unexpected or unwelcome surprises a thing of the past.

“I look at my Neurio app every single day,” says Weishaar. “I like to see if I’m ‘winning’ related to reducing my energy usage, and I love seeing trends so I can get my consumption to its lowest. Unlike other energy monitoring systems, Neurio makes being energy-efficient fun.”