A smarter way to manage home energy.

The Neurio Home Energy software allows homeowners to see their energy usage and production in real-time and shows them how to save money each month.


Pays for itself

Most homes waste an average of 20% of the electricity they use. Neurio quickly and easy finds the money-losing culprits, saving your customers money each month.


Know what you’re using and making

With real-time monitoring of both consumption and generation, your customers will know immediately what’s happening in their home.


Track solar savings

With our handy tracker, your customers can quickly see how much money their solar investment is saving them each day, week and month.


24/7 remote access

Our easy-to-use iOS, Android and Web apps make it easy for your customers to keep an eye on their home while they’re away.

Your business will love what we can do

As a certified Neurio installer your business will enjoy all the benefits of our powerful customer engagement platform, while your customers will enjoy saving more money every month.

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