Neurio Home Energy Controller

The Neurio Home Energy Controller (HEC) is an intelligent way to communicate with and manage solar and storage systems in a home.

A powerful, flexible solution that allows for communication and control of PV and storage systems, as well as the Neurio Energy Monitor.

Seamless control and management

The HEC connects to leading inverter, storage device manufacturers, allowing for real-time monitoring and control.

Robust communications options

The Neurio Home Energy Controller supports WiFi, Zigbee and cellular wireless communication, as well as RS-485 and RJ-45 for wired connections.  

Flexible, easy installation

Easily installed inside a home or outside next to the inverter and panel, the HEC takes seconds to install and allows for instant plug and play connection to devices.

Rule 21 Compatible

Simply connect the Neurio Home Energy Controller with its certified 2030.5 client to make any solar inverter Rule 21 compliant in California. 

One device to manage them all

The Neurio Home Energy Controller acts as the central hub for the monitoring and control of the home’s energy, linking solar and storage devices, as well the Neurio Energy Monitor, through one system for seamless management and interoperability.

Cloud-based storage and management

Through Neurio’s Cloud Services, users can easily access the data from the Home Energy Controller through our public APIs. Fleet management capabilities are made through third party integrations, allowing users to monitor the status of their aggregate systems.

Powerful analytics to intelligently control a battery

When Neurio’s new Home Energy Controller is combined with our Storage Optimization Analytics, you can intelligently manage and control solar inverters and batteries to enhance the ROI for residential storage systems, cutting the payback period by up to 30%.

Neurio’s Storage Optimization Analytics determines the most effective charge and discharge cycles for residential batteries, ensuring the homeowner maximizes their savings each day.

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Processor2x 1GHz Cortex A7 with FPU
Memory1GB DDR3
Storage8GB eMMC
SoftwareCustom Linux Built with Yocto,
Python, AWS GreenGrass
Wired Interfaces2x RS-485 (2 wire), 2x Ethernet 1Gbps, 1x USBA
WiFi802.11n, 2.4/5GHz
Size3.6” (91mm) x 1.1” (28mm) x 4.2” (106mm)
Temperature Range-20˚ to 60˚C
CertificationsFCC/IC Radio Certification, UL/CSA Safety Certification