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Solar energy is becoming a major force in America—where a change in consumer attitudes, lower costs of photovoltaic cells, and state and federal incentives have all come together to move the needle.

The numbers tell the story: In California, the state is expecting to obtain 50% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030. And, according to the Solar Energy Industry Association, solar energy nationwide in the US is growing exponentially with over 1 million installations today.

A big factor in the rise of solar: people are finally seeing the real economic benefits of switching to solar power. The average home can save over $1,000 per year on energy costs according to One Block off the Grid.

As more people invest in solar, there is increasing demand for tools and technologies to help measure both energy and dollar savings. To this end, we’re pleased to announce that we are working ever more closely with solar energy equipment manufacturers, solution providers, and installers to bring intelligent energy monitoring to the booming solar energy market. We’re already working with dozens of solar installers and have installed Neurio in tens of thousands of homes. Our goal is to help solar energy companies increase customer satisfaction and referral business as consumers see how their investment in solar is paying off and reducing their energy usage at the same time.

Celebrating One Hundred Thousand
At the same time, we are celebrating the sale of more than 100,000 Neurio energy monitoring units in just over a year.

While solar is undergoing rapid adoption, one thing is for sure: smart energy monitoring systems go hand in hand with this form of renewable.

People investing directly, or leasing solar installations really want to track how much energy their panels are making, how much money they are saving by using solar, and how much more money they can save by identifying and eliminating phantom energy users and the real energy hogs.

People adopting solar take a more proactive stand toward their energy consumption, whether due to the financial stakes or to an interest in fighting climate change – or both. In either case, they are no longer satisfied just receiving and paying a monthly bill from a big brother utility. Intelligent home energy monitors let solar panel customers understand and shape their energy footprint. Depending on the season, that’s pretty hot.

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