Bring intelligence to solar + storage today

Super charge your system with Neurio's intelligence enabling hardware & software.

Level up

Whether you are a Technology Manufacturer or Solar/Storage Installer, Neurio’s hardware and software will future proof your company for the distributed energy revolution.

Interoperatbility for today and tomorrow

Neurio’s flexible products support the autonomous energy efficient home and evolution of smart grids.

Good data = Good decisions

The Energy future will rely on smart systems, analytics and decision making. Neurio’s unconditional technology has been built to extract high quality energy data to optimize energy management.

Solar & storage

planning in action

Neurio’s Energy monitoring technology has been used by Solar installers and Storage Manufacturers to plan for large scale deployments of systems.

As the regulatory/policy landscape continues to change in terms of net-metering, grid export, demand and use tariffs etc. the need for high quality Energy data and insightful analytics has become paramount.

Neurio’s partners have leveraged our Energy Monitoring expertise to accelerate planning and deployment of Solar and Storage under net-metering updates.

Future proofed

and scalable

Neurio’s Energy monitoring hardware has been designed to seamlessly integrate with existing residential load centers and electrical panels.

Our partners have chosen Neurio as the best solution partner to overcome challenging North American electrical panel configurations, due to Neurio’s patented meter designs.

Offering both WiFi and Zigbee communication protocols Neurio’s technology is a proven leader to prepare your system for the autonomous energy efficient home/grid of the future.

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Rich energy insights enables smarter systems

The shift towards Solar + Storage requires systems to become smarter. Neurio’s technology is used as a primary enabler for back-up storage solutions for residential applications.

High frequency energy data, analytics, and monitoring platforms paired with a home battery allows your company to accelerate into the growing market.

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