Neurio Energy Monitor

Get highly accurate, granular, real-time usage and solar production energy data from any residential home.

The Neurio Home Energy Monitor installs easily within the home's load panel and provides extremely granular energy data that is used to reduce energy usage, monitor solar performance and plan for future storage needs.
Compatible with any breaker panel

With its custom designed current transformer and low profile meter, the Neurio Energy Monitor can integrate seamlessly with any existing panel.
Works with any inverter or battery

The Neurio Energy Monitor is designed as a universal solution that is compatible with any solar inverter or battery manufacturer.
Power agnostic

Our Energy Monitor works with the vast majority of 1-phase, 2-phase (split-phase) and 3-phase homes in the world.
Flexible data access

Data access is available through Neurio Software, Neurio Cloud API, or directed to your own Cloud infrastructure.

Easiest meter to install

Get into any North American, European or Australian panel with Neurio’s patent-pending Universal Current Transformers. With its futuristic design, our current transformer allows installers to safely and quickly install the Neurio Meter – solving the toughest installation challenges for any common residential panel.

Communication flexibility

Neurio Energy Monitors support WiFi, ZigBee, XBee, and RS-485 communication protocols. Whether you’re looking to deploy a single unit in your home, or a fleet of thousands, Neurio’s Energy Monitor communication standards are designed to integrate with other devices. Pair with the Energy Gateway, Inverters, Batteries, and load controllers; the Energy Monitor provides the backbone energy data to manage your expanding needs.

Sub-metering and storage ready

With multiple power measurement channels the Energy Monitor is designed to support Sub-Metering of a critical sub-panel or major appliance like an Electric Vehicle. Interested in dedicated consumption monitoring for smarter Storage control in peak shaving, back-up power & demand management applications? The Energy Monitor is the foundational element for intelligent decision making.

Want to see what the installation process looks like?

Installing the Neurio Energy Monitor in a home’s electrical panel only takes about 15 minutes. With no wire cutting necessary, installation is a snap. This quick video will show you how to install the Neurio Monitor in a split-phase home, the most common home type in North America.


Real-time dataYes
High resolution dataYes
Communication protocalWifi
Additional commsRS-485
Solar monitoring capableYes
Sub-metering capableYes