Don’t get your wires crossed – A first time installers guide.

By June 6, 2018Tips

Congrats on installing your first (of hopefully many) Neurio Home Energy Meter. Everything you need to install (software and hardware) on any common residential electrical panel is included in the box. Your success is important to us so we have put together 3 tips which highlight the most common questions our support team answers. Speaking of support, did you know we have troubleshooting guides at, and live support at 1.855.242.2220 (9am-5pm PST Monday – Friday) for installers who are in the field. Now for the tips:

Blue Voltage Wire – if you are measuring solar lines or are utilizing the CT 3 port in any way, make sure to connect the blue voltage wire to the same breaker or phase as the red wire. This is overlooked a lot by first time solar installers.

Inverted CTs – make sure you are installing the CTs with the label facing towards the source. If you make a mistake, just contact us and we can always change the inversion in the meter settings remotely.

Wifi Signal Strength – Though our Neurio meter provides some magical data, the meter’s magic runs out when there is long distances and a couple walls (particularly concrete walls) between the meter and the router. A good reference point is if you are standing by the breaker panel and see 3 or more bars of the homeowners wifi network on your phone, then the Neurio meter should connect. If not, we recommend to install a repeater/extender, this will not only help them with their Neurio signal but Netflix streaming and internet browsing to extend further around the house!

Welcome to the Neurio ecosystem!


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