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Sustainable Energy Developments, Inc. (SED) is focused on designing and installing solar projects that help people lower their electric bills and reduce their carbon footprints at home, at businesses, and in communities. But in the past SED’s customers wondered: were they actually saving money and reducing carbon emissions with their solar installations? How could they improve? And why are savings not as high as they thought they would be?


Then SED found Neurio, a tool that lets customers know the precise energy usage in their households, and what it means in dollars and cents.

“Neurio’s apps give our customers answers in a highly intuitive, visual way that doesn’t require a lot of technical expertise,” says Doug Weishaar, Director of PV Sales, SED. “They can see what it means in dollars and cents and meet their goals, whether they want to save money or reduce their carbon footprint.”


Instant visibility and transparency
With Neurio, SED customers get an instant glimpse of their energy generated from solar, the savings that resulted, and what their total energy use was over the last week. And if customers are into keeping up with the Joneses? They can see how they rank compared to other households with a similar size and number of occupants.

Customer engagement, less guesswork
Many customers look at their Neurio app every day. They get excited when they see they are succeeding in reducing their energy usage and dollar savings.

“One of our customers was trying to figure out if a dehumidifier was reducing or increasing energy usage or if replacing a gas or propane heater with an electric one would be more energy-efficient, and Neurio was able to give them the answer,” says Weishaar.

Lower fear factor, more certainty
Many people who decide to go with solar power can find it intimidating. With Neurio, it’s easy for consumers to discover how they can save money each month, and even be surprised at what they find. They know what to expect before their energy bills arrive, making unexpected or unwelcome surprises a thing of the past.

“I look at my Neurio app every single day,” says Weishaar. “I like to see if I’m ‘winning’ related to reducing my energy usage, and I love seeing trends so I can get my consumption to its lowest. Unlike other energy monitoring systems, Neurio makes being energy-efficient fun.”

Results for SED
With Neurio, SED can now offer a more complete package that gives customers a comprehensive view into their decisions regarding energy. Customers now know how they are using and producing energy. And they have intuitive access to data that supports changes they can make in their own home to save money while lowering their carbon footprint.

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