Strategic Thinking for the Longtail

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Kelly Berg from Neurio sits on a panel at the California Solar Expo 2019The energy industry is advancing faster and faster every year, fuelled by exciting innovations in technology and an increasing consumer interest about where their energy comes from. So how can businesses and consumers be smart about navigating this evolving industry? This was one of many questions that were raised at a recent panel that Neurio took part in at the California Solar Power Expo in San Diego last month.

Cali SP Expo, one of Solar Power Events’ signature shows, draws a global audience of 60 exhibitors and 1,300 attendees. Our Director of Distribution Strategy, Kelly Berg, joined an impressive panel alongside Joseph Carangelo from Baker Electric Home Energy and Brian Patterson from the EMerge Alliance.

So what did the panel have to say about helping residential solar installers strategize for the future energy industry? Here are three main themes that were discussed.

Monitoring as a Customer Engagement Tool

“There’s going to be a paradigm shift in education on how visible electric management can be,” said Carangelo. “And one of the greatest tools to use is what [Neurio is doing] with energy consumption monitoring.”

Energy monitoring has become a key business tool for installers, helping them with customer acquisition, engagement, and follow-up. By making customers more aware of their energy use, even simple consumption monitoring can be a powerful pre-sale tool for installers to gain staying power with that house.

“Once people know and have visibility into the electricity that they’re producing, if they have solar, and using, they want more and more visibility,” commented Carangelo.

Even after the installation of consumption monitors or a solar energy system, energy monitoring equips installers with data to drive after-sales services.

“Monitoring is a really good entry point into getting involved with those insights and creating opportunities for yourself,” noted Berg. “The customer stays engaged with this tool, long after solar turns on. And that’s where you have opportunities to go back and add value with any other services you want to provide.”

New Opportunities in the Future of Energy

“This industry is changing very rapidly and continuing to change,” said Patterson. “So we’re really in a new age of electricity.”

During the panel, the future of energy and technology was envisioned to advance at a breakneck pace, likened to the explosion of the internet. Whether this is accurate or not, new innovations around electricity use and transmission have the potential to be game changers in the future energy market.

“Smart” energy, energy empowered by computational ability, has already become increasingly common. With the surge of smart technologies in our devices and our homes, there are more opportunities to integrate all of our devices, while collecting data on our homes to aid energy management.

Technologies like digital electricity and the rise of electric vehicles are predicted to become key factors that are going to change how consumers receive, manage, and interact with electricity. These new innovations have the power to transform the relationship between the grid, the consumers, and energy management companies.

“Overall, the energy market is moving from an equipment and toll-based system to an “energy-as-a-service” system,” noted Patterson. “And there’s a lot of opportunities in that.”

But in all of these conversations, the point was not to try and solve all of these problems by ourselves, but rather to be aware and make connections.

“My advice in all this is don’t be overwhelmed by all of the technologies or expertise or having to build your own algorithms to solve these problems,” said Berg. “If you’re asking the right questions and paying attention, there are lots of companies in the technology world that are trying to solve these problems for you. You just have to find one, get connected, and go from there.”

Strategizing in a Changing Market

“I think that’s the bottom-line message, you have a lot of choices coming in the future already. It may be bewildering sometimes the amount of choices you have in this industry and will continue to have,” said Patterson.

As the energy market evolves and expands, the panel touched on one key decision: choosing whether to stay in your current lane or to diversify.

“If you’re an installer, it doesn’t mean that you have to become an integrator or a service organization,” says Patterson. “But it does mean that you have to see how your piece fits into that puzzle, and keep your eye on the puzzle while, at the same time, focusing on improving your piece. Or you can really broaden your opportunities out and really grow your company organically. ”

Additionally, as spaces like energy, entertainment, and appliances start to integrate, making connections is an important way to stay relevant. Collaboration and partnership were emphasized as essential to strategizing in the future industry.

Overall, the future of energy is looking bright.

“It is a changing opportunity in a changing market,” said Patterson.”But it’s getting bigger, that’s the good news.”


Big thanks to SEIA, SEPA, and Solar Power Events for hosting the California SP Expo, including this panel. If you missed us at Cali SP Expo, catch us for Solar Power International at the North America Smart Energy Week in September.

Neurio has Joined the Generac Family

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From our start as a university project, Neurio’s mission has been to achieve carbon reduction through the intelligent use of home energy. Now in more than 200,000 home installations, our solutions have helped a significant segment of homeowners better manage their energy costs and reduce energy uncertainty.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce that Neurio has joined the Generac family of companies, a global leader in design and manufacture of residential, commercial and industrial power products. Generac’s power products are available globally through a broad network of independent dealers, distributors, retailers, wholesalers and equipment rental companies, as well as sold direct to certain end user customers.

We hope you share in our excitement. Neurio remains unwavering in our commitment to our global community of customers, partners and homeowners.

What will happen to Neurio?
As a company and a brand, Neurio will continue to operate independently and support our customers and solutions. In fact, our team plans to double down on our focus on product enhancements and innovation. Generac’s resources, support and capabilities will only help to propel our vision and enable us to build upon and expand solution offerings.

How does this impact Neurio Home and my energy data?
Our existing solutions—including W1 meters and Neurio Home mobile and web apps— will continue without disruption. Do watch for updates in the coming months as we roll out new tools and enhancements.

Who can I speak with if I have questions?
Our stellar Customer Support team is on hand to address any questions or comments that you may have. Go to to reach out.

I look forward to sharing further updates as things unfold. In the meantime, stay on top of the latest by following @neuriohome or learn more by going to

READ PRESS RELEASE: Generac Announces Acquisition of Neurio Technology Inc.

How Data Science is Changing the Renewable Energy Market

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Renewable energy solutions are evolving at a rapid pace. Companies around the globe are recognizing the importance of investing in sustainable technologies to navigate future environmental and economic realities. According to a report by the International Energy Agency, global investment in digital electricity infrastructure and software has increased by over 20% annually since 2014. New wind, solar, and energy storage technologies have all played a large part in this growth.

To discuss the future of these technologies, Neurio’s Senior Computer Scientist, Elena Popovici, participated on a panel at a Vancouver meetup on February 28, on data science and visualization in the renewable energy sector. Alongside her were Kristin Vidi and Rebecka Klinstrom from Clir Renewables, as well as Brian Roth from Solarmass Energy.

Thanks to Vancouver-based groups Data Viz and Data Science for Social Good for co-hosting the event, and creating an opportunity to explore how data helps spot anomalies, minimize downtime, and advance the industry.Data Science & Renewable Energy

Data analytics and renewable energy management

Foundational to today’s advances in clean tech is a network of hardware, software, and data. Over 90% of all of the world’s data was created in the past two years. Coupling this fact with a rising global commitment towards 100% renewable energy, data analytics play an increasingly important role in shaping the future of renewable energy management.

However, relying entirely on renewable sources like wind and solar comes with a challenge: they are intermittent and often out of synch with when energy is most needed. Total reliance on these sources without proper management often results in inefficient energy storage and usage. With the right hardware and software in place, households and businesses have the ability to monitor, control and maximize their energy consumption and generation. Data analysis and visualization techniques make this possible.

For example, Neurio’s smart sensor and energy monitoring software work to help homeowners intelligently manage their home battery usage. An algorithm first analyzes data points such as real-time electricity usage, power generated from solar, the weather, the billing tariff of the utility company, and the battery capacity. Then, it makes a decision about when and how much to charge or discharge the battery.

By forecasting upcoming energy consumption, homes and businesses can better manage the unpredictable nature of solar and wind power. Not only does this save the user money, it’s good for the grid. Reducing the demand for electricity during peak periods in turn reduces the need for expensive infrastructure required to manage those peak consumption times.

As we see the rise of renewable energy sources, an increased focus on predictive analytics is necessary to manage grids based entirely on renewable energy. While this reality may seem far away, South Australia is already well into building the world’s largest virtual power plant in collaboration with Tesla. Connecting over 50,000 homes to Tesla batteries and a network of solar panels, the goal is to provide enough energy to power the entire state.

Want to learn more about how one of Neurio’s energy management solutions could help you? Reach out today, and someone on our team would be happy to chat. Connect with us on Twitter to get updates on current events and industry news.

B.C. firm looks to sunnier U.S. markets for solar success

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Taking in the white beaches and mai tais might be top of mind for most visitors to Hawaii.

For Clay Howey, it was the sight of people’s homes that caught his attention throughout a recent Maui vacation.

“It’s absolutely staggering the penetration of renewable energy there,” said the research head of the BC Institute of Technology’s Smart Microgrid Applied Research Team. “Almost every rooftop has got solar panels on it … because the price of electricity is so much higher there than it is here.”

B.C.’s relatively cheap hydroelectric power is also why solar-focused companies like Neurio Technology Inc. are concentrating on sunnier foreign markets.

The Vancouver-based company, which specializes in managing renewable energy flow in homes, initially focused on delivering basic energy-use information to users as their homes tapped into power from solar panels.



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VANCOUVER, BC – September 12, 2018 — Neurio, a leading residential energy management company, today announced the appointment of a new board of directors. Joining the board are Norm Francis, Judi Hess, Greg Malpass, and David Sutcliffe, in addition to Keith Marett, Neurio’s interim CEO. David Sutcliffe has been named chairman of the board. These new board appointments come on the heels of a highly successful year for Neurio which saw the company grow its global install base to more than 150,000 systems and release several new product offerings.

“We are excited to elect a new board of directors to help achieve our growth ambitions. All of these individuals are recognized business leaders, with a track record for growing successful technology companies on a global scale, and bring a broad set of skills to Neurio. We are fortunate to add such high caliber people to help us achieve our potential as the market leader in residential energy data technologies,” said Keith Marett, Neurio’s interim CEO. “I also want to recognize Neurio’s retiring board members for the tremendous contribution they have made over the years to the company’s growth.”

“Neurio’s ground-breaking hardware and analytics are helping companies compete in the new distributed energy economy,” said Dave Sutcliffe. “With significant growth opportunities ahead for Neurio, I am looking forward to working with my fellow board members, the management team, and employees to improve the way energy is used and managed in a home, and to help guide the company to its next stage of growth.”


Neurio Board Member Executive Biographies

Norm Francis

Norm has had an extensive entrepreneurial career in technology. He co-founded BSG, which created ACCPAC and Simply Accounting (now Sage Accounting), two of the world’s premier accounting software packages in the early PC era. Following the sale of the company to Computer Associates (now CA Technologies), Norm served as a Vice President for four years during a period in which CA grew to be one of the largest software companies internationally. Later he was co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Pivotal Corporation, which became a leader in Customer Relationship Management software. While he was CEO, Deloitte named Pivotal the fastest growing company in Canada. In 2016 Norm was inducted into the Business Laureates of British Columbia Hall of Fame. He currently serves on the board of directors of Traction Guest Inc. and previously served on the board of several private and public companies, and the BC Premier’s Technology Council.

Judi Hess

Judi has spent more than 35 years in the tech community in British Columbia, and is currently the CEO of Copperleaf, a decision analytics software company based in Vancouver BC. Under Judi’s leadership, Copperleaf’s revenues have grown by 2940% over the past eight years and the company has become one of the biggest software companies in BC and one of the fastest-growing software companies in Canada. Prior to Copperleaf, Judi was the President of Creo Inc. In 2005, with revenues in excess of $630 Million, Creo was acquired by Eastman Kodak for just under $1 Billion USD. In 2018, Judi was recognized as the BC Tech Person of the Year. Judi currently sits on the board of directors of Pason Systems Inc. (TSX: PSI), and Copperleaf. She has also served on the boards of Bycast and Acetech, and was a member of the BC Premier’s Technology Council.

Greg Malpass

Greg’s unconventional leadership style and industry-recognized expertise in cloud computing and data have earned him numerous influential speaking engagements and accolades. In 2007, after nearly a decade of work in marketing and enterprise sales roles, Greg founded Traction on Demand to help a small number of clients unite their sales and marketing teams. Since its founding, Traction has become North America’s largest dedicated Salesforce consulting and application development firm, as well as a Deloitte Best Managed company and one of the fastest growing technology companies on the continent. Greg currently sits on the advisory board of SFU’s Beedie School of Business’ Institute of Entrepreneurship, is a board member of the BC Tech Association, and is a member of the Young Presidents’ Organizations (YPO).

Keith Marett, Interim CEO, Neurio

Keith has more than 20 years of experience growing companies on a global scale. As Interim CEO of Neurio, Keith overseas the growth and development of the team. During his four years at Neurio, the company has grown from the pre-revenue stage to just over 150,000 systems deployed globally. Within that time, the company has been recognized numerous times for its achievements, including being ranked the 32nd fastest growing company in Canada and the 5th fastest growing in BC in 2016 as part of the Deloitte Fast50. Prior to Neurio, Keith lead the market and product strategy for Avigilon, a leader in security products, and helped lead the revenue growth by 5.5x from $32M to $178M and the market cap from $90M to $1.32B in just under three years. While at Avigilon, Keith helped lead the successful IPO efforts in 2011, as well as the market expansion into 95+ countries. Prior to Avigilon, he held senior positions at Bell Canada.

David Sutcliffe

David has spent his career building and leading technology-intensive businesses. During his tenure as President and CEO of Sierra Wireless, he grew the company’s annual revenue to well over $100M USD through organic growth and foreign acquisitions. He also led the company’s successful IPO on the Toronto Stock Exchange and its follow-on financing and public listing on the Nasdaq. Prior to Sierra Wireless, David held senior management positions at Motorola and at Xillix Technologies. David has earned a wide range of recognitions, including: AceTech Fellow; Canada’s Top 40 Under 40; Entrepreneur of the Year – Canada Pacific – Technology & Communications; SVP Distinguished Partner; and the BCTIA Bill Thomson Lifetime Achievement Award. He has served on several boards including Ballard Power, Circon Systems, SMART Technologies, and Sierra Wireless.

Bidding Adieu for Now, but Not Goodbye

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Hello everyone,

I’m proud to share that Neurio is in its most exciting time since we launched it from a university project with the mission to achieve carbon reduction through smarter energy use. This year’s forecast is already 3x higher than 2017’s record revenue, and it continues to grow.

Today, Neurio is scaling and thriving, launching new products and services, and expanding to new continents. And for the first time, the company has grown to the stage that allows me the privilege of stepping back as its CEO and proudly watching its continued successes as I balance my aspirations for Neurio with my desire to focus on my new and growing family.

It has been my deepest honour to serve Neurio’s team, customers and shareholders over the last 14 years. Thank you for supporting me and our mission. Additionally, in an industry that is still working on balancing genders in the room, it has been a privilege to be able to demonstrate that women and feminine leadership merits an important seat at the table.

I proudly remain an engaged member of the board, a shareholder, and Neurio’s impassioned cheerleader. If we do not promote and embrace new and better approaches to actively reduce our carbon based energy consumption, our reliance on carbon will continue to grow. I’ve learned a tremendous amount on this journey, and I have innumerable memories and accomplishments to be proud of.

We’ve made huge steps, but our mission is far from over. On to the next chapter!

Truly yours,


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We’d like to introduce you to the newest team member to join our data science team: Lara Thompson.

Lara, please tell us a little about yourself:

“Today, I was lured away from academia to join the data science team at Neurio. I’m excited to see how Neurio is empowering people with data about their homes. As a scientist, I’m eager to study the patterns and signals in that data to make it even more meaningful.

Prior to now, I was working in neuroscience where I studied the signals in the small, developing brains of tadpoles. From the myriad synapses in a neuron, we studied how these basic units of computation enable the brain to communicate and develop.

My PhD is in theoretical condensed matter physics from UBC: in it, I derived the fundamental equations that govern the motion of a quantum vortex (ending a thirty year debate!). As a postdoc at MIT, I studied the strange properties of a possible exotic new phase of matter, the quantum spin liquid.

Yet, as much as I enjoyed Boston, I truly missed the West coast. As a trad climber, Squamish rock called; as a backcountry skier and mountaineer, the Coast Mountains waited for me to return. Vancouver is a beautiful city in its own right but as a base to the outdoors, it’s ideal.”

Brain signals in tadpoles – crazy! Makes disaggregation look easy. Welcome to the team Lara.