Bidding Adieu for Now, but Not Goodbye

By June 14, 2018Team

Hello everyone,

I’m proud to share that Neurio is in its most exciting time since we launched it from a university project with the mission to achieve carbon reduction through smarter energy use. This year’s forecast is already 3x higher than 2017’s record revenue, and it continues to grow.

Today, Neurio is scaling and thriving, launching new products and services, and expanding to new continents. And for the first time, the company has grown to the stage that allows me the privilege of stepping back as its CEO and proudly watching its continued successes as I balance my aspirations for Neurio with my desire to focus on my new and growing family.

It has been my deepest honour to serve Neurio’s team, customers and shareholders over the last 14 years. Thank you for supporting me and our mission. Additionally, in an industry that is still working on balancing genders in the room, it has been a privilege to be able to demonstrate that women and feminine leadership merits an important seat at the table.

I proudly remain an engaged member of the board, a shareholder, and Neurio’s impassioned cheerleader. If we do not promote and embrace new and better approaches to actively reduce our carbon based energy consumption, our reliance on carbon will continue to grow. I’ve learned a tremendous amount on this journey, and I have innumerable memories and accomplishments to be proud of.

We’ve made huge steps, but our mission is far from over. On to the next chapter!

Truly yours,

Janice Cheam

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