B.C. firm looks to sunnier U.S. markets for solar success

By November 2, 2018Team

Taking in the white beaches and mai tais might be top of mind for most visitors to Hawaii.

For Clay Howey, it was the sight of people’s homes that caught his attention throughout a recent Maui vacation.

“It’s absolutely staggering the penetration of renewable energy there,” said the research head of the BC Institute of Technology’s Smart Microgrid Applied Research Team. “Almost every rooftop has got solar panels on it … because the price of electricity is so much higher there than it is here.”

B.C.’s relatively cheap hydroelectric power is also why solar-focused companies like Neurio Technology Inc. are concentrating on sunnier foreign markets.

The Vancouver-based company, which specializes in managing renewable energy flow in homes, initially focused on delivering basic energy-use information to users as their homes tapped into power from solar panels.


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