Appliance Monitoring Analytics

Neurio's appliance monitoring analytics provides an appliance-specific breakdown of home energy use.

The power is in the data.

If knowledge is power, Neurio's appliance monitoring will provide your company with the most powerful offering in the industry.

Turn insight Into action

Appliance monitoring provides tailored energy efficiceny recommendations that homeowners can easily take action on.

Increase engagement

Homeowners using load monitoring analytics have much higher engagement levels than those that don’t, opening their app at least once a day.

Essential for tomorrow’s grid

Load knowledge plays an important role in adding storage to a home by intelligently charging and discharging the battery based on the homeowners usage habits, which maximizes the ROI.

The magic behind load monitoring

Appliance monitoring or energy disaggregation is the science that itemizes consumers' whole house energy data into individual appliances. Using the granular data that comes from our meter, our proprietary algorithms detect and extract individual appliance data we call signatures from the home's overall energy consumption and convert it into meaningful insights. Our R&D Team is constantly updating this feature to capture new appliance signatures.

Auto detection of top loads

Our load monitoring analytics require no training and will automatically identify the key loads within a home.

Usage stats

Detail views on how and when appliances are used within a home and how much energy they consume.

API Ready

Through our public API you can seemlessly incorporate Neurio’s appliance data into your systems.

Benefits beyond efficiency

Once you know the appliances in a home and when they are used, the possibilities for data go well beyond just energy management. You can use it for security and understand when someone is home or away or you can upsell homeowners to more efficient appliances. You can even link the data into other home systems like HVAC to make them even smarter.