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energy intelligence.

Latest News – Neurio’s new Home Energy Controller and Storage Optimization Analytics intelligently manage and control batteries to enhance the ROI for residential storage systems, cutting the payback period by up to 30%. Learn more

Our intelligent energy solutions ensure your company can compete in tomorrow's energy revolution, today.

With over 120,000 systems deployed, Neurio’s technology helps companies all over the world to more effectively manage how power is used and generated in a home. We ensure you are ready for the future of a decentralized energy economy.

Neurio gives companies the intelligent tools to build the future of residential energy.

Whether you need a focused solution to a specific problem or a broad solution to a range of issues, our technology-enabled solutions can help you address all of your energy management challenges.

Real-Time Granular Energy Data

Our sensors provide highly accurate granular energy usage and production data, ensuring your meet regulatory requirements for storage applications and helping you boost your customer engagement.

Whole Home Energy Management

From energy monitors to analytics, Neurio has a full suite of hardware and software solutions to meet your company's needs.

Storage Optimization – NEW

With Neurio's new Home Energy Controller and Storage Optimization Analytics, you can intelligently manage and control solar inverters and batteries to enhance the ROI for residential storage systems, cutting the payback period by up to 30%.

Advanced Analytics

Our appliance monitoring analytics provide appliance specific energy usage information for a home, giving you a detailed look on how the home is operating and consuming energy.

Flexible and Scalable

Whether you're a regional solar installer or a multi-national company with hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide, our solutions can easily scale to meet all of your requirements.

Trusted Partner

With over 100,000 systems installed by some of the largest solar installers in the world, you can trust Neurio and our industry expertise to handle your next project.

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We empower

Residential Solar Installers

Reduce cost of acquistion and be storage ready


Increase engagement and reduce churn

Technology Partners

Stay competitive by filling gaps in your offering


Increase efficiency

Industry-leading software

Everything you need to take control of energy.

Get instant, second-by-second information on a home’s energy usage and generation.
Public API Access

With our public APIs, we make it easy to incorporate Neurio’s intelligent data into your software offering.

With our cloud-based infrastructure, your organization can access the data from anywhere in the world.
Mobile and Web Apps

With our robust mobile and web apps, your customers will have all the information on their home, right at their fingertips.

“Neurio’s apps give our customers answers in a highly intuitive, visual way that doesn’t require a lot of technical expertise. They can see what it means in dollars and cents and meet their goals, whether they want to save money or reduce their carbon footprint.”

Doug WeishaarDirector of PV Sales, SED