Intelligently managing

the home’s energy.

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We're bridging the data gap between solar, storage and the grid.

From industry leading energy monitoring and control technology to sophisticated analytics, we are changing how energy is used and managed in a home.

The power is in the data

Increase Energy Efficiency

By seeing exactly where energy is going, Neurio helps homeowners find energy hogs and save money each month.

Improve Customer Support

Reduce support calls by showing your customers how much energy is being generated from solar and how their usage affects their bill.

Maximize Storage ROI – NEW

Intelligently manage and control solar inverters and batteries - enhancing the ROI for residential storage systems while cutting the payback period by up to 30%.

Increase Revenue

By analyzing energy habits, Neurio can help you sell additional services to existing customers, like storage or other energy management products.

Better Customer Satisfaction

By empowering your customers with real-time knowledge and energy insights, they'll be more engaged. And that means they'll refer more customers your way.

Stay Competitive

Neurio’s products and services will future proof your company so you can compete in tomorrow's energy revolution, today.

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We empower

Residential Solar Installers

Reduce cost of acquistion and be storage ready


Increase engagement and reduce churn

Technology Partners

Stay competitive by filling gaps in your offering


Increase efficiency

“Neurio’s apps give our customers answers in a highly intuitive, visual way that doesn’t require a lot of technical expertise. They can see what it means in dollars and cents and meet their goals, whether they want to save money or reduce their carbon footprint.”

Doug WeishaarDirector of PV Sales, SED